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Criminal Defense

Battle-Tested Defense Attorney Equipped to Secure your Liberty

Having dedicated his early legal career to the prosecution, Attorney Jaime Ramos' keen insights into the opposition playbook inform his defense strategy and ability to exploit flaws. Across 2+ years navigating dozens of trials, he cultivated litigation talents leveraging evidence and testimony to strengthen the state’s case, giving him the experience and insider knowledge to understand the opposite to undermine the state's case.

Equipped with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and seasoned understanding of law enforcement from his 20+ years of military service, Attorney Jaime Ramos knows how to aggressively challenge police procedure missteps or problematic forensics. His analytical capabilities further enable him to create reasonable doubt by presenting counter arguments.

Attorney Jaime Ramos has safeguarded freedom for those facing charges ranging from violent offenses to non-violent drug cases. Trust his inside knowledge of prosecutors’ tactics coupled with fierce courtroom presence to protect your future. The scales tilt in favor of the accused with him in your corner.

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