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DUI Defense

Don’t let a lapse in judgement derail your future. Attorney Jaime Ramos combines his experience both prosecuting and defending DUIs with mastery of technical details to secure reduced or dismissed charges. Having handled the intricacies of breathalyzers, blood tests, and field sobriety results from the other side, he is equipped to scrutinize flawed test administration and call into question evidence validity.

Attorney Jaime Ramos deep familiarity with law enforcement DUI procedure from his military and prosecutorial backgrounds further enables him to suppress damaging evidence stemming from improper traffic stop protocol or arrest misconduct. Place your trust in his multi-dimensional criminal justice expertise to navigate the complexities of DUIs. Attorney Jaime Ramos has safeguarded licenses and saved previous clients from excessive fines, incarceration, and collateral consequences.

Rely on his discerning eye and skillful maneuvering to mitigate penalties while avoiding long-term damage from a DUI indictment. The path forward starts with his ardent defense.

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